a kind of biography

passing portrait
self portrait wearing skin

Linda Arredondo

Born 1975 Taegu, South Korea

Lives San Antonio, Texas

2008 BFA UTSA      2010 MFA YALE



Linda Arredondo was born in South Korea in 1975. Being very adorable she was kidnapped as a baby and was almost taken to a remote mountain village by her new ‘mother’. Luckily the police recovered her and she left Korea to live her life as an American. During her early years, Arredondo gained some recognition for drawing unicorns and dragons, to which her Mexican father was known to remark, “Not bad for a hobby but there’s no money in that”. On the other hand her Korean mother was more encouraging because being artistically inclined was considered “high class”. Sadly Linda Arredondo no longer draws (publicly) neither unicorns or dragons. She is also no longer adorable, kidnappable and is usually broke in an unclassy way, even if she did go to a classy school.